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George G.

I have known Susan and Marika for 8 years now. In that time there have been 2 Rotator Cuff surgeries, a Stroke , and a Fractured Hip and these two incredible ladies were the ones that brought me back.  Not only did they mend my physical issues but mended my mental wounds. They got me to believe the pain can go and I will get back.  This is written with the highest regards to Susan and Marika and wish them all the success on their new venture.

Regards ,
George G.

Layne C.

I am an environmental allergy sufferer which I have endured with for many years, actually since childhood.  I have tried many traditional and non-traditional remedies including many years of allergy shots.


Looking for relief I turned to Well Beings where Susan recommended I try a 12 week protocol of Biofeedback laser - allergy and sensitivity program.  


After the 12 week protocol, which landed me in the beginning of my toughest allergy season, I am excited to say that I have not had any of my previous allergy symptoms of extremely itchy eyes, sneezing, sinus headaches and exhaustion!  Yet, as I look around I have seen many others experiencing those awful allergy symptoms I use to exhibit.  


Great results!


The laser treatment that I received at Well Beings for helping me to quit vaping was fantastic! Not only is it painless and very fast, it really cut down on my cravings for nicotine. I have tried to quit on my own but it was very difficult. As soon as I had my first laser treatment my cravings diminished and the sprays helped for if I had cravings between laser treatments. In total I had 3 treatments within 7 days and I only had cravings for the first day and a half. It was amazing how easy it was to quit.


I highly recommend this treatment!

David S.

Susan and Marika --  I am writing to thank you for the exceptional physical therapy services you provided to help me recover from my catastrophic knee injury last year.  The combination of the therapeutic skills and experience each of you applied to my situation were invaluable to make my recovery possible.  In fact, I am sure I would not have achieved the nearly 100% full normal use of that knee otherwise.  I hope you two enjoy great success in your new business. 

Will F.

Well Beings Wenham is a wonderful place to recover! Susan and Marika are very personable and really enjoy what they do. Each and every day I was greeted with a smile and a friendly hello. Most importantly, I left every single day feeling better than before! 5 out of 5 stars!

Elizabeth R.

I can't say enough about Susan and Marika! They have seen me through several different injuries...most recently a total knee replacement.  They are not only knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, they really care for and treat the whole person.  Each visit is not just about the rehab of the knee, but also the true concern and encouragement.  I highly recommend them for anyone in need of physical therapy, as well as alternative healing practices.

Kristina H.

I was dreading PT but was fortunate enough to find Susan and Marika, as their office was close to mine.  They are two incredibly bright and competent providers who each bring unique strengths to the table. Under their exceptional care, I  quickly made significant strides toward recovery. PT became something that I looked forward to in my week, and helped support my well-being as a whole person. I give them the highest recommendation.

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