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Quit your belly aching…

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

PIZZA!!! Yes – what’s better than pizza??? Pizza and beer, that’s what. I’m personally a sucker for a Neapolitan style pizza and a big, juicy New England IPA. Big fan.

Annnnd then the way I feel a couple hours later…. Blllaaahhh

I always prided myself for my iron stomach and joked I was from superior stock because I have no allergies. Well, here I am with bloat belly because I love pizza and beer. #worthit #kindasorta

Can we talk about this? Wheat, corn and soy.

Have you noticed that those three crops seem to be responsible for all sorts of allergies, intolerances, and even some diseases? And they’re practically unavoidable! Things wheat, corn and soy have in common: they are three of the most widely consumed crops in the United States, they are responsible for the aforementioned huge number of intolerances, 90% of those particular crops are genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and one or more of them are found in most all processed foods. I know what you’re thinking – “but mac n cheese!!!” I know…

One of the three is likely present on every plate consumed by average Americans upon every meal. Think about how this affects any attempt at diversity and variety in your diet, too! How can you even avoid them? Staying on the outsides of the aisles at the supermarket is a decent start – but what did they feed that cow that your burger meat and cheese came from (answer = corn + soy)? I bet you’re skipping the bun this time, huh?

We are basically overexposed to these foods, and as for their being GMO, if they can’t occur naturally, are we necessarily evolved to actually process them? So how to avoid them...? Well, you can become a super label sleuth, and know the tricky ingredients that are derived from wheat, corn and soy like modified corn starch, corn syrups, TVP (textured vegetable protein = soy), or MSG. The only way to really avoid them, though, is to stick with foods that don’t have labels – fresh meats (grass-fed, right?) and produce. Should you avoid that summer sweet corn? I don’t know what to tell you, friend… Probably?

The fact is, these crops are part of our lives, and we shouldn’t have to avoid them. But we should all have access to real food, that occurs naturally and that our bodies can process. When seeds are created in a lab and food is processed for us to the point where, yeah, it looks like food, but our body can’t even recognize it as food, there is something very wrong here.

~ Insert favorite conspiracy theory here ~

So, write your letters, support your local farmers, eat real food, shop at stores that avoid GMO foods – but when you really need help with your belly (a.k.a. pizza and beer bloat), Well Beings is here for you – armed with lasers. Our PTL II and Qi-5 lasers can have such a profound effect on your gastrointestinal wellness, that your intolerance for any food can be managed and, in some cases, completely alleviated!

The Bio Terrain program is a twelve-visit protocol that addresses the entire digestive system, offering support to deal with ongoing issues, addressing some that may be lingering in the background, and linking the gut and its effects on all the systems of the body, giving it direction in its attempt to heal itself. The laser offers information imprinted on the light beam that your own body can use to bring itself back to that state of balance. Not only is this supremely cool, it is a drug-free, harmless, non-invasive way to achieve that balance and cope better with the not-so-ideal foods that infiltrate nearly everything we consume.

So no, you probably shouldn’t throw down that mac n’ cheese stuffed pizza topped with bacon and cheese fries but, I know, ya gotta live! This is where I could tout our health and nutrition coaching – but that’s for another day.

For now, here’s a random food tip: if bacteria won’t eat it, you probably shouldn’t either.

I just ruined gummy fish and Oreos. Sorry about that.


If you’d like to go down the rabbit hole of newer gut health research and the emerging theories about its effects on your entire being, as well as its strong association with a slew of common chronic diseases (think diabetes, Alzheimer’s, immune deficiency syndromes), we suggest Brain Maker by David Perlmutter.

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