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Losin’ It – A Weight Loss Journey

When it comes to weight loss, there is absolutely no part of it that comes easy. These three things, or actions, must change:

  1. Your diet

  2. Your exercise regimen

  3. Your schedule

If you do take the challenge on and do things “right”, these three things, a.k.a. the reactions, will change:

  1. The state of your health (think sleep, skin, stamina, blood pressure, cholesterol)

  2. The way your body feels (you know, when you drag it out of bed in the morning)

  3. The way your body looks

So what’s the magic bullet? I truly believe nobody can tell you that until they get to know you and work with you. It will be a combination of the first three things for sure, but how to balance those three actions can be trial and error. If what you’ve done in the past didn’t work, then at least you know what it’s not!

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

If you are in a place where things need to change now or disaster is imminent, those actions will be drastic changes – especially in the beginning! As changes in the second three reactions come closer to your goals, what your new habits should be will come to light, and they will become easier to follow.

Why all three actions? Because you can’t expect to do things the way you’ve always done them and see change. (Definition of insanity???)

  1. Diet is probably 80-90% of the equation for most people. It’s often the hardest part, too. In the beginning, it’s got to be really strict – but it’s temporary. Then you learn to live around the plan that is working for you. The whole idea is to be conscientious and thoughtful of what you put into your body. It’s near impossible to be unhealthy if you’re only eating good food in reasonable amounts!

  2. Exercise has to be part of it. It will quell life stresses and clear the mind, it will make your heart strong, and it will change your body fat to muscle ratio so that you are constant calorie-burning machine. Seriously! It will also bring shape to your body and make you physically operate more efficiently.

  3. Your schedule will change more than you probably planned on. You will have to plan meals ahead. This avoids you compromising or slipping up. It will get easier as you figure out your favorites and become more efficient. You have to pay attention to rest and sleep so your body recovers, heals and responds to the changes you’re making. You must include physical activity into your schedule as if it has always belonged there (it has) – this is really hard! No, it’s not selfish! Imagine the life lesson you are instilling in your children as they see you taking care of yourself, taking responsibility for your health and showing the world you are worth it –- they are, too, right? Why would they believe it about themselves if you don’t?

Wild Cards

Saboteurs, spousal cooperation, illness or injury, schedule changes. Life happens. You’ll need to be a chameleon and figure it out. Giving in is not an option! As they say – you haven’t come this far to only come this far. This is where treating workouts like an appointment, meal planning and keeping to some sort of schedule come in. When life throws you those loops, you pivot, or you deal with them and recover.

Improvise and overcome!

How we do it at Well Beings

The Ultimate Lose It package encompasses our laser program called Lose It!, where we pair seventeen laser treatments with nutritional coaching, personal training, home/gym program, schedule and food strategizing, pitfall management, and the emotional support that’s undoubtedly going to enter the mix at some point. Included are two all-natural nutritional sprays that help with energy and cravings. Getting to know you along the way, we can weave in laser protocols for any additional issues that can impact your success like sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal issues, allergies or hormonal imbalances.

Of course, we can piecemeal for you any bits of this package if you don’t need the whole shebang.

If you are looking to reinvent yourself let’s connect and get this started!

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