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Cutting Edge LLLT at Well Beings

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

One day last June, Susan walks in with this remote control-looking thing and starts telling me how cool this new toy is. Now Susan is a sucker for a gadget, so after a couple of eye rolls and playful teasing, we start to mess around with this thing. We didn't know WHAT to do with it at the time, but I had some fresh mosquito bites. We checked out the BioLight "cookbook" and, sure enough, there was a Bug Bite protocol. The bites were itchy as anything, and a couple were like welts, so we went at them with this laser. Before our eyes, they shrunk...and became less red... So that was kinda crazy. Also - they never itched again! After that, we started just aiming the laser beam at the body part of whichever patient was in. Since it can't hurt anything, and it's FDA approved for pain, inflammation, blah blah blah, etc., we thought "why not?"

Next thing you know, the patients are saying "you know, I feel like that laser is doing something!" or "my swelling suddenly seems way down." Over the next couple of months, we are seeing that the surgical scars (our orthopedics are talented stitch-ers and leave amazingly lovely scars anyway, but...) are healing way faster and cleaner than usual. Maybe there's something to this seemingly unimpressive remote control thingy. So Susan flies to Atlanta and takes the course - now she's really fired up and she actually knows what she's doing with the it! The capabilities of this little tool are seemingly endless! Well, I want to know how to use it, too... So I take the course in April. Now I'm fired up and - watch out - I have a million ideas on how to help people, too! This is partly how we got here, with our own small boutique practice.

Low-level light therapy (LLLT) is cold laser therapy and is FDA-approved to manage pain, inflammation, swelling, and accelerate tissue healing. Our signature lasers from BioLight Technologies bring something more to the table: frequency. All tissue and ailments have known frequencies. This is the basis for the PTL II and Qi-5 lasers’ treatment technologies.

PTL II Laser

The PTL II laser is programmed with 130,000 unique frequencies, including 12 core protocols, to address almost any issue or symptom. Pulsing at 120 million pulses per second, it is the most precise laser available today. Most other lasers do not use frequency, and none of the few lasers that do come close to our PTL II in ability, precision and specificity.

Review of Systems Analysis on the Qi-5

The Qi-5 is a biofeedback laser, which sends the harmless frequencies of thousands of conditions and irritants into the body and assesses your response. The results that come back tell us what your body is struggling with in the moment as well as what has been taxing your systems for a very long time. The Qi-5 then creates your specific remedy. The treatment is delivered via the 3-beam laser diodes and can then be imprinted into a serum to take home to further reinforce treatment.

Frequencies imprinted on the light beam support the body through neurological stress reduction with substance-specific and Hertz frequencies that can alleviate and support the body as we teach it to cope with a wide variety of problems, including:

• Sensitivities/Allergies

• Pain & Nerve Issues

• Emotional Balance

• Sleep

• Hormone Balance & Reproductive Health

• Skin Health

• Nutrition

• Detoxification

• Fibromyalgia

• Weight Management

• Trauma

• Brain Balance

• Energy & Vitality

• Focus & Concentration

• Smoking Cessation

• Immune Support

• Viral/Bacterial/Fungal

• Digestive/Gut Health

• Muscle, Ligament, Wound & Scar Healing, and Surgery Recovery

• & So Much More

The laser accesses the information superhighway of the body via chromophores – light receptors in our skin which transmit light messages (think sunlight and vitamin D!) – carrying the message to reorganize and balance so healing can occur. Maybe think of illness or allergy not so much as something you have acquired, but more about what you’ve lost. Ten people exposed to the same cold virus will all manifest the symptoms of the cold differently, depending on the conditions in their body and the virility of their individual immune systems. The strawberry or the cat’s fur can’t attack you--we are not supposed to be allergic to our environment; your body has lost its ability to handle it and is responding incorrectly to what should be an innocuous substance. Through a specific combination of frequency protocols, we can help alleviate that response, try to get the body to respond correctly and possibly reverse that incorrect response!

Our lasers are completely safe – they do not heat tissue and cannot do damage. Laser therapy is comprehensive and completely holistic. The frequencies themselves are harmless. In essence, lasers are an amazingly powerful, non-invasive, drug-free option for improving your health and well-being.


Susan & Marika at Well Beings have taken Biolight Technologies’ laser therapy courses and are excited to enlist new clients for our PTL II and Qi-5 technologies. Our favorite patient is the one who has tried everything else! Currently, clients willing to commit to a 12-visit protocol and provide a testimonial can receive substantial discounts. Contact us today!


For testimonials & more info:

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