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Biohacking!? We've got your hack.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019


Have you heard of biohacking? Bulletproof Nutrition Inc. founder Dave Asprey defines biohacking as “the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you, so you have more control over your own biology. It’s what you put in your mouth, it’s the air you breathe, it’s the light you’re exposed to.” Biohacking can run the gamut of common-sense lifestyle changes and tracking patterns to wild, provocative methods like implanting RFID chips for keyless home entry or transfusing blood from a young donor to stay young (!). Hmmm… Let’s keep it to living well versus living forever, shall we?

We generally think that whatever conditions befall us, it’s our fate and we’ll take the necessary medications and check in with the necessary specialists. We’ll live with it, if we can. We are often suspect of supposed solutions that don’t involve some sort of pharmaceutical! Yet we know that these meds generally treat symptoms and rarely have any effect on the underlying cause. But biohackers don’t take things lying down.

Biohacker mentality realizes the issue, but is concerned with the how and the why, then the solution(s). Hackers manipulate the system – “I don’t have to accept something that isn’t supposed to happen – I will make my biology work for me because it’s supposed to!”

A biohacker would likely journal her symptoms for a while, noting what makes them worse or better, when they come on, and how long they last. Sure, the usual remedies may be incorporated. She would look for trends, use apps or gadgets to track sleep or diet (biohackers like gadgets and widgets), read up on stress-relieving strategies, and look for what can be controlled, at least somewhat: what you consume, air quality, activity level, overexposure to blue light… You generally don’t need a physician’s guidance to try to get more fresh air and sunshine or eat more vegetables – you can do this!

In short, you don’t have to be an innocent bystander in your health. You may have had a part in how your problem came about – in which case you are also part of the solution! Either way, there’s no reason not to be an active participant in your rebound to well-being. You know you best after all.

Is biohacking a fad? Could be. It has likely arisen out of necessity, because we have had enough (or not enough?). Regular doctors don’t have time for us anymore. There is even an emerging market for professional medical care advocates because nobody owns your problems when things get complicated. So, either you are your own advocate or you have to pay for one. Biohacking might fade once the healthcare regimes realize they are being squeezed out of the equation on a regular basis by so many patients because the internet has given us resources beyond what could have been imagined. So, for now, let’s hack it.

Well Beings and Biohacking

Have you journaled your symptoms, diet or sleep habits? If not, have no fear. We will take the time to listen and put the puzzle pieces together. We have questionnaires that can bring to light a lot of what is going on with you as well. Whether your root problem lies in poor sleep, pain, lack of energy or focus, suppressed emotions, toxicities, allergies, or old, nagging issues we have your hack. We will get your body back into balance both mentally and physically.

We are all-in with you when it comes to achieving the balance your body is calling for. Our tools include hands-on therapies, laser therapies, gut microbiome testing, exercise programs, nutrition coaching and listening. Strategies may be simple, multifaceted, or step-by-step processes. A visit to a physician can’t always be avoided, however. It depends completely on you (and Susan & Marika) and what we are facing, together.

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