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As of Dec. 20, 2022, Well Beings is permanently closed

  • If we should resume business in any capacity, we will contact all former patients and clients
  • if you need to reach us, we are still available via email! Message Susan or Marika at: or for any questions
  • Thank you all for your support, friendship and for trusting us with your care! We will miss you all - until next time!

About Well Beings



 Well Beings is a full-service Physical Therapy & Wellness Clinic in downtown Wenham. Our mission is to have a whole-person approach to healing and overall wellness.

   Whether you have a new injury, a nagging twinge or a chronic condition, physical therapy can help to get you back to what you want to be doing. By taking a proactive approach, we can even address imbalances and weakness that can lead to injury before they stop you from living life and doing what matters to you.

   At Well Beings, we will address the factors that contribute to your dysfunction; utilizing hands-on treatment, traditional physical therapy modalities, very cool technologies and corrective exercise to achieve your goals.  Our mission is that Well Beings will offer an enhanced, comprehensive and superior PT experience you've not had elsewhere.




Wellness Services at Well Beings involve more intensive use of our therapeutic modalities,  including frequency specific microcurrent (FSM), dry needling, techniques such as cupping and gua sha, personal training, as well as our unique and highly advanced lasers (low-level laser therapy -- LLLT).

Learn about LLLT here

Learn about FSM here

   Thinking about how to fuel your body, perhaps for more energy or dealing with an unhappy digestive system? We will address nutritional and lifestyle-related imbalances, and teach you how to make lasting changes to vastly improve your everyday. 

   Looking to up your game, improve general fitness or solidify your new post-rehab alignment? With personal training you can incorporate or improve a sound strength and conditioning program, or even refresh your current home routine.

   Read more about our adjunctive services here and let us bring out your optimal you!

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